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Why I Love Twitter

October 12, 2009

Laura’s Blog Entry

For those of you that have been standing around, with your fingers in your ears, hoping Twitter was going to go away… no chance! It is here to stay. At least until the next big trend hits, anyway.

Twitter and I didn’t start off on the right foot. My friend Random Nicole used to annoy me about getting on Twitter. She would post weird, handwritten notes on my Facebook page that said, “Twitter, Laura!”

So of course I dug in my heels and said, “No way! I don’t need anything else online to waste my time. This social networking stuff is eating my life. Go away!”

But after a reasonable amount of time, so that it would look like it was my own idea, I signed up during a fit of podcasting promotion.

At first, like a lot of people, I didn’t get it. I would write something and then I sat there in silence. Waiting. For something to happen. What exactly, I wasn’t sure.

Turns out the key is it’s all about whom you choose to follow. I knew a bunch of people who were already on, so I followed them and just watched the stream go by. It was entertaining, if not entirely overwhelming. But through it ran a thread of smart and funny “tweets.”

So I stuck with it and jumped in the stream. Here’s what I like about it. I can be feeling crappy or sad about something, pop up 140 characters about the situation and I immediately get back a few supportive or humorous replies.

I’ll be honest, I am totally on Twitter for my own benefit. I like witty banter. And trying to inject witty into banter that is limited to 140 characters is a little mental exercise for my brain. I love words, and seeing people use them to great effect or humor makes my day.

Here’s one of my favorites… prepare for visual aids:

Ah, Merlin Mann, you are indeed clever and sarcastic. My brain will never run as fast as yours does, but I love watching.

Also, I follow quite a few Depeche Mode fans. One such person is the fabulous Betsey Booms. I’d like her even if she didn’t tweet about Depeche Mode cause she loves zombies and robots. Here’s a sample of her work.

She is of course referring to the Depeche Mode song “Somebody.” Anyone who had Depeche Mode music in their wedding is a kindred spirit.

But there is nothing, and I mean nothing like getting a reply from a celebrity. Like Neil Gaiman. (Famous super-cool author. Google him.)

Yes, he was talking to me folks. Too long to explain what we were talking about. Like I could care what it was about. Neil Gaiman, people.

And on that note, there is something I just discovered today, a site called Favstar, which tracks anyone that favors one of your tweets. I was positively giddy to see the following:

That is Jon Armstrong, husband to my favorite blogger, Heather Armstrong of He favored me, ya’ll.

That could only be topped by this:

Me. Favored by Depeche Mode. ‘Nuff said. So yes, I am one of the dweebs who chatters away on Twitter during the day. And I like it. And I am still able to accomplish things in my life. So there. (Can’t speak for you though. It might just eat your brain. Proceed at your own risk.)

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  1. October 13, 2009 3:05 pm

    HA HA!

    love you. Saturday? tweet me 😉

    • October 13, 2009 3:47 pm

      If I get a nap in. Weekends are killing me. Who keeps scheduling all this stuff… Oh yeah, me.

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