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Random Project List

October 6, 2017

I have been in a bit of a productivity funk. Slowly chipping away at some things, but occasionally I hit a wall and need the boost of finishing a project. Does anyone else get jazzed by finishing things? Oh man, I LOVE it.

So right now here are the projects I have on-the-go. Perhaps chronicling them will create a creative super-charged vortex of finishing. We can only hope.

1. New Product Line Development

Journal Cover

I am working out the final details, well actually I think I worked them all out today, for some fabric journal covers for composition books. These will be ready in time for holiday shopping.

Next Steps: Get to cracking on assembly line production. Which isn’t nearly as fun as research and development. But still pretty fun.

2. Large Hexagon Quilt

Large Hexigon Quilt

I started this one earlier this summer. I have a number of quilt tops that need to be turned into quilts, but somehow I just keep starting new tops. Because that is the funnest. This one is made from huge hexagons and constructed from vintage sheets. Sewing together another row is my reward for finishing a specific task.

Next Steps: Keep piecing in-between other projects.

3. Small Hexagon Quilt

Small Hexagon Quilt

This one I started YEARS ago to use in my bedroom at our old house. It was a great hand-piecing project that I would pick up from time to time and work on. This summer I decided to call it good, put some borders on it, and voila! Another finished top. (I may have a finished top problem.)  

Next Steps: Try out a quilting design on the sample I finished today. Then get that baby quilted!

4. Sock Knitting Pattern

Sock Pattern

This project sat dormant for a bit after I worked out my color choices and colorwork charts. Now I am working up two sample socks to double check the pattern instructions. I REALLY have to be in the mood to work on this because I have to take notes and count and stuff. I am sure I will get back to it when the weather cools down.

Next Steps: Finish up sock #2. Fill in pattern details as needed and get a charting software.

5. Other Knitting Patterns

I have two other patterns that are pretty nearly complete.

Next Steps: Work on graphic layout options. Call for test knitters.

I think that is enough to focus on for now. Let’s see if motivation strikes now that it is all formalized in writing… I will keep you posted!

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