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Yarn Along – 2/25/15

February 25, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

No new knitting to share, but I do have a book I just finished. Last weekend I went on a personal spiritual retreat. I had never done this before but was challenged by a friend to give it a try as a marker for a recent milestone birthday.

Fortuitously, I had pick up a book on a whim at the local library book sale a couple of years ago that was perfect! It’s called Recollected Heart: A Guide to Making a Contemplative Weekend Retreatby Philip Zaleski.

It provides a template for a three-day retreat, but it is adaptable. While the book has a more Catholic denominational slant, it is easily adaptable for any Christ-follower to use. It contains a schedule for prayer, study, work and recreation, as well as some down-to-earth teaching. The retreat plan requires only a moderate amount of reading and prep beforehand. This preparatory step helped me to make decisions about the kind of experience I wanted to have. I would definitely use this again on another retreat – it’s not just a single-use guide.

If you have never gone off by yourself for a retreat I urge you to consider it. Mine was lovely and quiet but also appropriately challenging.

Joining Ginny today in her Yarn Along.

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  1. wstyrsky permalink
    February 25, 2015 9:56 am

    It’s been a while since I went on retreat but they are wonderful experiences:)

  2. February 26, 2015 11:45 am

    Sounds like a wonderful read.

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