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December 10, 2010

Laura’s Blog Entry

Now that my family has ingested an entire loaf of bread in 24 hours, (that Bagel Bread is killer toasted!) it’s time to share a sewing project.

Over the years I have made many gifts for friends and family when they have new babies. One item that I have made again and again is a personalized pillow.

Each one is different. The fun is in taking the child’s color scheme and using it to design something. Then I leaf through one of the best books I’ve ever purchased to select a cross stitched alphabet. I can’t even count how many times I’ve used this.

[Side note: I looked this up on Amazon and for some reason this little paperback book is selling for $80. Craziness! Perhaps some in the Amazon Marketplace have been hitting the eggnog a bit hard. It only has 45 pages! I think I paid $12 or $14 for it years ago. Guess that was a good investment. There are some reasonably priced used ones for sale. End of public service announcement.]

Back to to sewing. I love picking out fabric and I decided this one needed three patterns. The back is made with the pink from the front. I think I finally got the right amount of overlap with the back flaps and don’t need to use velcro to keep it closed. I am so over sewing on the velcro.

The edges are piped with the brown and pink mini-print. I used this super-helpful piping tutorial from Erin on the House on Hill Road blog. I’ve done it before, but her tips made it much better and more uniform.

I’m pretty happy with the final product. One thing is for sure, I’m going to have to graduate to a larger gauge counted cross stitch fabric. I nearly lost my mind with this 14 count. And had to buy stronger glasses. Only big squares for me from now on!

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