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Felted Coasters

December 3, 2018

I am going back to a shop classic today. It all started with these coasters.

I needed something to do while my daughter was in dance class six hours a week. It was too far to drive home and then back to get her, so I needed to keep busy while I waited.

So I decided to take up knitting again. I had knit a sweater in college, but had absolutely no memory of how to do it! I got some books from the library and got to it. This was before YouTube was the vast resource it is now. Interesting note: I find that books for teaching kids knitting are usually the easiest to understand.

Anyway, I ran across a pattern for these coasters and decided to make them as gifts. Then friends started asking for custom colorways. So I decided to open an Etsy shop and if I sold a few here and there that would pay for my yarn. I got permission from the pattern designer to sell, and we were in business!

Each color is named after the woman that inspired it.

I have retired a few colors over the years and added some new… and somehow have never tired of making these.

Here are the currently colors in stock. There is free domestic shipping, which is always a plus!

Click this link to go to the shop.

Felted Coasters - Amy One

Amy One


Felted Coasters - Amy Two

Amy Two

Felted Coasters - Laura


Felted Coasters - Christa Belle

Christa Belle

Felted Coasters - Lauren


Felted Coasters - Wendy


Felted Coasters - Melanie


Felted Coasters - Rebecca


Felted Coasters - Violette


Hope you see something you like! Click here to be taken to the shop for more details!


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