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Creative Women / Volume 5 / Elizabeth Gilbert

October 19, 2015

Hello and happy Monday!

Today I am morphing my “Creative Women in Business” series. Yes, I do believe “morphing” is a verb.

I feel like calling it simply “Creative Women” gives me more options and I can widen my focus beyond the business sector. Sound good? Good!

This week I am featuring author Elizabeth Gilbert. You probably know of her from her blockbuster book Eat, Pray, Love. I also enjoyed her recent novel The Signature of All Things. Most recently she has released a book called Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear.

I saw a reference to her podcast, Magic Lessons, online and immediately downloaded it. I love it! In it she talks to a number of creative women in different fields who are feeling stuck in their creative process. She gives them a little coaching, but then in the following episode she talks to someone in a related field that can give the women very specific advice. I love that Elizabeth provides access to resources that would not have normally been available to them. She then follows up in a later episode to see how they are doing and how and if they applied any of the suggestions.

I always enjoy hearing about other people’s creative process. It really fires me up. Even if they are in completely unrelated fields. I think the podcast is inspiring for anyone working to gather the courage to make a change and do something different.

I bought the book, Big Magic, and plan to really dig into it. I think this will be a great resource for my own growth. I’m sure I will discuss the book more in my Yarn Along posts.

Hope you are feeling inspired and energized for a new week ahead!

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