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Creative Women In Business / Volume 4 / Marie Forleo

September 28, 2015

This week I am featuring Marie Forleo. She is a business coach and a bundle of energy! She has a fascinating path to business coaching. Marie started her career as a New York Stock Exchange trading assistant, moved on to work on Gourmet and Mademoiselle magazines, then transitioned into coaching by training while she supported herself as a bartender and dance fitness instructor. Oh and she was one of the first Nike Elite Dance Athletes. In other words, she’s badass.

Marie does a weekly web show called Marie TV Where she answers questions from viewers and also interviews cool people.

Recently she interviewed Cincinnati author and creativity mastermind Todd Henry. They talk about finding your own creative voice. You can give that show a watch here:

I love that Marie is a drop-dead gorgeous woman who is not afraid to show her goofy side. And she totally has one! I have to admit, her bloopers at the end of the show are one of my favorite bits! I think she is a great example of how we should follow our interests and not be afraid to change career course as our lives evolve. The path is not always clear cut. I think we need to teach our kids to just go for it and see where the path leads them. We don’t have to be so hung up on a job title and a specific career. Start somewhere and see where it can lead. More than likely it won’t be where we thought we were going when we started!

If you have any creative women in business that inspire you, let me know in the comments below! I am always excited to discover new sources of wisdom and creativity.

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