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Creative Women in Business / Volume 3 / Elise Blaha Cripe

September 14, 2015

This week’s creative woman in business is Elise Blaha Cripe. Elise is well known in the crafting community for her design work in the scrapbooking industry, her super-cool project Make 29, and now for Get to Work Book. Get to Work Book is a paper planner that is geared toward managing projects, rather than traditional planners, which are more about scheduling appointments. The graphic style of the planner is pure Elise. Here’s a little video that shows the planner, if you are interested:


Elise Gets Crafty – On her show she shares her personal experiences growing a business, with a focus on marketing, and she also interviews other creative people in various fields. I am always happy when I see a new episode pop up. It a great one to listen to on my morning walk.

I love Elise’s honesty about the challenges she has faced – becoming a mom, her husband’s deployment, for example – and how these things have impacted her work. She shares how she has adapted to circumstances and has grown and thrived as a result.

I get such great take-aways from her show. There are always recommendations and strategies for marketing, time management, and general creativity that can be easily integrated into any small business venture.

Plus she has a darling daughter (and another on the way) and a stunning, modern California home which features prominently in her blog posts.

Many thanks to Elise for teaching me that you can live your creative vision and your life can be one of your best marketing tools in creating personal branding.

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