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Creative Women in Business / Volume 1 / Abby Glassenberg

August 31, 2015

Hello! How the heck are ya?

So much going on here. Prepping for the school year. Ramping up for a busy holiday selling season for my hand-mades. Wondering where the summer went.

One thing I accomplished this summer was quite a bit of walking. And to keep me distracted from the tediousness of exercise I been listening to a few small business focused podcasts. These shows really inspire me as well as give great advice for expanding and developing my business.

I thought it would be fun to feature one creative woman in business each week. You might find a new show to enjoy and at the same time be jazzed about the creative work these women do.

Today I am featuring Abby Glassenberg. She has a blog called While She Naps where she talks about her own creative business. Abby started out making toys and dolls by hand and has grown her business to now sell her patterns as well as teach and write craft books. She also uses her platform to share her valuable insight into creative entrepreneurship.

While She Naps is also an interview format show where Abby talks to designers and makers about building their creative businesses. The variety of guest is always interesting and engaging.

Currently Abby has been sharing her thoughts about the expansion and changes to the Etsy selling platform. I have found her insight extremely helpful. I know some people have become disillusioned by Etsy becoming a publicly traded company and by the changes they have made to allow sellers to use outside manufacturers to make their goods. It’s a complex topic, but Abby’s insight and strategy (she has both her own sales platform as well as continuing her Etsy shop) was a refreshing perspective amidst all the negativity. I still find Etsy the most affordable and easily maintainable platform for my small business.

Thanks to Abby for all her work and the massive volume of content she provides free of charge! Be sure to check out her wonderful patterns and books if you enjoy sewing toys and dolls.

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