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Put a Little Hop in Your Water

May 8, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

As an art and design person (whatever the heck that means), I appreciate art that spans from paintings by the old masters… to custom knitwear designs… to product packaging.

And here’s some packaging I’ve been loving on recently. A talented friend of ours has created a new category of beverage in the soft drink sector. It’s called Hopwater. It takes the zip that hops bring to your favorite craft beer and adds it to a refreshing and low-calorie carbonated drink.

It’s great on its own, but is also fab as a mixer. A great alternative to tonic for a gin and tonic, for instance. (No affiliate relationship with this product. We just think it’s stinkin’ cool!)

It’s all wrapped up in a clever and appealing package, complete with fun stories on the label. Oh Hop Man. We love you.

Neil and I were lucky enough to attend a launch party for the brand earlier this week. It was held in downtown Cincinnati at a totally cool new bar called Sundry and Vice.

I walked in and felt like I had returned to The World of Harry Potter. It’s the same kind of ambiance. But without all the kiddos! And more cocktails!

There were some signature cocktails to try, each combined to perfection with a different flavor of Hopwater (Original, Lime, Grapefruit, and Ginger.)

Neil and I chose the Hopsicle Fizz. (Again – Harry Potter-ish!) It was a delightful egg cream that included gin, lemon, orange flower water and grapefruit Hopwater. Dangerously tasty!

So basically, I got out of the house and it wasn’t just to drive carpool! Hooray!

Congrats to @drinkhopwater for a great start! Product will be showing up in local restaurants immediately, followed by grocery stores and the rest of Ohio in the next few months, with a national launch next year. Get ready to get hoppy!

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