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Space Girl

May 1, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

I don’t do too much family business here on the blog. But this project is just too big to not share about.

My little girl is now a big girl.

And she is fascinated with the universe.

Most specifically exoplanets.

And she has an amazing opportunity.

Mari has been nominated to attend the Congress of Future Science and Technology Leaders in late June. Her nomination came from Buzz Aldrin, and if you saw my husband Neil’s recent post about his animation of the NASA Apollo Mission Patches, you will know it has kinda been like Christmas around here.

Anyway, she has launched an indiegogo fundraising campaign to cover the cost of this endeavor. She and Neil made a fun video explaining the whole story. I am so proud and excited for her and this opportunity.  At the congress she will form mentoring relationships in the field of science that will continue into her future working life. And she will meet other awesome kids who share her passion and frankly I think are our best hope for the future of our world.

If you were around here back in our podcasting days, you’ll see that the 7-year-old piano player has somehow magically transformed into a near-adult! Your support of her podcast segment back then gave her confidence that still shines today. Thank you so much if you were a part of that!

If you are interested, please watch the video below. It’s a fun story that I am thrilled to share.

Link to indiegogo campaign.

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