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Thrift City

March 24, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

A week of traveling brings me to a week of recovery. Emptying suitcases. Washing clothes. Dusting a house that gets dirty by itself when no one is there.

I am not one to roar back into action, so I’m taking it S L O W.

So as I ramp back up, here are a few more finds from a recent thirfty adventure.

First, mugs and storage.

I swear these are the last mugs I will ever buy. (I reserve the right, however, to pick up any cups and saucers in the Blue Willow pattern. Ah hem.)

These bins are endlessly useful. I just grab any I find cheap and pop them in drawers to keep things tidy.

Mmmmm. Mugs. Irish coffee anyone? I was so excited to photograph them I didn’t dry them properly after washing.

Lastly, I picked up a heavy cast aluminium divided tray to use as a base for a baby shower gift. Who needs a basket. Pshaw!

A short but satisfying shopping trip!

PS – If I had a thrift store I would call it Thrift City.

The End.

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