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Crystal Votive Fanciness

March 2, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

If you have dropped by this blog before, you might know that I enjoy thrift store shopping. I will use any decorating challenge as an excuse for thrifting. Because… cheapness! I enjoy getting exactly what I want while paying as little as possible.

Anyway, our bathroom has an interesting color combo: yellow and green. Cincinnati bathrooms of the 1930s and 40s seem to be black and white (our old house, mercifully), pink and blue (none of our houses, mercifully) as well as the classic yellow and green. Someone should be held accountable for this massive error in judgement, but so far I don’t know who to blame.

As much as I’d like to rip it all out and install blissfully peaceful subway tile, what we have is in good shape, so for now it has to stay.

To deal with it, I decided to use distraction. The house has some cool glass block niches throughout. I decided that in the bathroom niche, along with the windowsill,  some glass votives would divert the eye of our guests.

Now I could have popped up to IKEA and gotten something perfectly nice and simple and modern, but oh no. I want the challenge of the hunt. Off I went to one of my favorite super-size thrift stores, one that has a large glassware section.

Bingo! a set of four cut crystal bar glasses.

They look amazing when the candles are lit. Really extra sparkly with all those facets. Makes me deliriously happy to light them.

I think I paid a rather high price for these – maybe $2 each, if I remember correctly, but they are lead crystal. Not bad for $8.

Any other thrifting maniacs out there? It’s a rather addictive activity. I’ve had to cut myself off on buying vintage sheets. (Although last time I was shopping a lady told me about another great store to find linens. Be still my heart!)

Time to get some quilts put together for my shop. It will be fun to work with color instead of just denim for a change. Excited to get started and justify all that shopping!

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