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Snazzing Up the Ironing Board

February 17, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

Hello Tuesday! Is it snowy where you are?

I don’t mind being stuck inside by the snow one bit. A day I don’t have to leave the house is a wonderful day indeed. I am making use of the time by sewing, sewing, sewing. Which also means ironing, ironing, ironing as I press all the seams open. The job is made more pleasant due to this:

Over the summer I was able to make a much needed new cover for my ironing board. Oh the cuteness!

I will be using more of this fabric downstairs in the laundry room, as well as in my studio. The turquoise kick continues! Fabric is Tanya Whelan Sunshine Roses, in colorway Full Bloom Roses, Blue.

Oh those roses make me swoon!

I got a great tutorial here. The only change I made was I didn’t piece the fabric. I didn’t want any seams to give an uneven surface. So I turned the ironing board up the fabric lengthwise to get it out of a whole piece. I will be using what was cut off for other projects, so no wasting.

A tip if you decide to make one: I recommend you prewash your fabric. You’ll want to wash this cover one day, and it would be sad if it shrank too much to fit back on!

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