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January 27, 2015

Laura’s Blog Entry

Promised more organizing, and here it is! The pantry!

No matter what system I use, after about a year the pantry storage always need a touch up. Ingredients we keep on hand change as our way of eating evolves. That can cause things to get a bit jumbled.

Baskets overflowing, and other storage containers sitting around empty, taking up space.

So I got to work, pulled everything out, and used one of my favorite tools – my Brother P-touch Labeler! (Mine is years old, but the link above is to a similar current model.)

It just makes everything better! And now my family has information on what in the heck is in all these canisters!

Pretty, aren’t they? Let’s look at another shot:

Ooooo! Ahhhhh!

I found some similar canisters in case you are ready for your own redo. Here are some white ones, and also some stainless steel.

It really does help with this issue:

It may be a large pantry cabinet, but it’s very deep. That makes it hard to get to the items at the back. We need every inch of storage, so there is a step stool that is in use every day. At least we can now identify the item we need.

Here’s my latest idea:

I am a bit of a stickler for expiration dates. So I used a Sharpie on the bottom of the container so I’ll know when the contents need to by used by. Next time I fill it I can scrub it off and note the new date. Pretty handy!

So here’s the finished product:

Neat and tidy.

Notice the pages hanging inside the door? That is my list of stapes I use so I (hopefully) won’t forget something we keep on hand when I am making the weekly list. I have one for regular grocery items, one for Trader Joe’s and one for Target. I can also clip on the weekly store sale flyer to use when I menu plan. It’s hung with a simple binder clip and a nail.

Shallow baskets help with the depth issue. I can easily slide out the front ones to access less-used items in the back.

So that’s it. An hour or two is all it took and things are so much easier to manage. I can’t stand wasting food and finding something at the back that was hidden until it expired.

In closing, how about one more beauty shot of those labels:


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