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Word of the Year 2014 – Check In

June 25, 2014


Remember back on January 6 when I posted my word for the year: EXPAND? Those were good times! Here at the six month mark it seems a good time to see how that is going. Here are the areas I have seen expansion.


I wrote my word of the year post right after the Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-thon. The blog-a-thon resulted in an expansion in itself. I met some lovely ladies through that experience who have continued to inspire and encourage me. I expanded my online community. BINGO. That’s what I’m talkin’ about. It was manifesting immediately!


Next up was the expansion of my business. I am clicking along with custom orders and balancing that with keep up stock in my existing product line. Haven’t quite got that down to a science, but so far I am going with the flow and working on what I feel inspired to do. I think it is time to sit down and do some serious knitting and felting for coaster season. I set some sales goals and I am keeping up with them so far.

Usable Square Footage

In support of my business, I have gotten my lower-level studio in working order. There is currently no budget for finishes such as drywall, lighting, sewing desk and cutting table top, but I have boxes unpacked and make-do furniture arranged. I will get some photos soon of the current, unfinished, but usable space.


My energy is up, and my chronic pain is at a manageable level. That means I can get tons done in a day. At least it seems like tons to me. You might just laugh and laugh at my slow pace. I am  slowly chipping away at my garden. Puttering, weeding, moving plants. It is evolving into what it wants to be. I am just following along.

These are all great things. But I’m not stopping there. I am looking to expand my physical fitness even farther. My meditation time deeper. My spiritual growth richer. Putting these intentions forward. We’ll see how it all progresses.

If you have a word for 2014, how is it showing up for you? Share in the comments if you are willing to put it out there!


Top – Photo taken by Neil in Los Angeles. This agave plant is an iconic image for Depeche Mode fans. It was a cover of a Depeche Mode album (Exciter), so Neil had to send me a picture when he was there.

Middle – An alley at Wooden Nickel Antiques, downtown Cincinnati.

Bottom – The Dogwood tree was so amazing this spring.

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