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The Thrill of the Hunt

June 23, 2014

Laura’s Blog Entry

Earlier this month, our neighborhood had a group yard sale day. Oh do I love a good yard sale. Especially when I can walk there! I also enjoy giving stuff new life rather than going out and getting something brand new.

Mari and I headed out and got some great treasures. I am so happy I have a thrifting partner. She, like me, can find something to buy just about anywhere. The key is we are thrifty, (meaning cheap) and generally only buy things we specifically are on the lookout for and are on our “thrifting list.”

Here’s what I found:

Turquoise! I found a lovely divided dish, a tiny covered dish, as well as a West Elm duvet (SCORE!) and some IKEA storage boxes. Final tally: $20. Which is a little high for me, but the duvet was worth the price. [No, the duvet wasn’t on the list, but the thing about rules is you gotta know when it is right to break ‘em!]

And since I think it is kind of boring to see a pile of purchases, here are a couple pictures to show the item in use.

I don’t just buy the stuff just to pile it in a closet, I have to use it to justify buying it. I was looking for a tray for my dresser for decorative perfume bottles and a landing spot for jewelry. These are working great!

And its always nice to have summer bedding. OK, I confess I went to Target and got two pillowcases to complete the look, but they were half price. I swear! A new look for a total of $27.

We will be putting the storage boxes to work in Mari’s room later this week. Oh joy, she’s going to love sorting things. Her favorite activity! (I hope you are picking up on the sarcasm there!)

Does anyone else have any thirfting rules to live by? Or am I the only crazy one?

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