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Shop Update – Mason Jars with Drink Cozies

May 21, 2014

Laura’s Blog Entry

Just popping in to let you know I have updated my Etsy shop with more of the Mason jar travel mugs. They are great for cold drinks as well. I am already using mine this season for my morning smoothie or for herbal iced tea!

Here is the current color selection.


In case you are new around here, below are some details about them.

Includes one genuine wide-mouth 16 oz. Mason brand jar that slips into a hand-knit wool cozy. Also included is a reusable Cuppow brand BPA/BPS-free recycled plastic drink lid. One metal jar ring to secure the lid completes the set.

The yarn for the cozy has been hand-dyed with natural dye like indigo, osage orange, cochineal, madder, sage, and hand-spun in the southwestern United States. It is a rustic, textured yarn that make the jar easy to grip and has a great insulation factor.

Thanks everyone for supporting my shop! You can find me at

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