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Memorial Quilt

May 5, 2014

Laura’s Blog Entry

Wanted to show off another of my custom order quilts. You might think I get tired of doing the same quilt top in denim, over and over. I don’t! The shades of denim are always different, due to what happens to be in my stock at the time. Plus I always get to choose a different backing and/or binding.

This one was very special because my customer requested a quilt in memory of her father. She sent me a box of his jeans, shorts and various khaki trousers. I was a little unsure how all the colors would work together, but I was pretty confident I could pull it all together with the backing and binding choices.

She requested something traditional, but left the selection up to me. I love when that happens! The soft background color of the backing fabric blended with the greens and khakis. And the bit of pink made it a bit more feminine, which was appropriate for the end users.

The binding was a challenge. Nothing was quite right. I finally found a dark brown mini-print that had a hint of purple in the tone. It served as a bridge between the blues of the denim and the greens and tans. I love how color works!

One little fun touch is that I included some paint spatters. Usually I would cut around something like that, but my buyer said her dad was always working on some sort of project, so I asked her if I could include the spatters. She loved the idea.

It was a great quilt to work on and I feel honored to be selected and trusted with the project. I find it very satisfying to do something creative that has great meaning attached to it.

I hope to do more of these projects in the future. If you are interested in collaborating on a memorial quilt, you can contact me via the “Request Custom Order” button on my Etsy shop’s page.


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