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Lacy Knit Wrap Skirt

April 28, 2014

Laura’s Blog Entry

It’s been quiet here on the blog but far from quiet in our lives. I am happily working away at custom quilt orders. Neil’s been working crazy hours on tour visuals for a pop musician’s world tour and Mari is in the end-of-year-pile-on of school projects. Add in a fairly involved home renovation project and it has made for a particularly brutal spring.

There’s been a small amount of time to finish up some of those winter knitting projects. First, the Lacy Skirt.

The pattern is the Ogee Lace Skirt by Gryphon Corpus. (Ravelry Link).

I had a lot of fun working the large lace pattern on large needles and in a worsted weight yarn. It made seeing and fixing mistakes much easier.

The yarn is left-over Cascade 220 in color 4002 Jet that I used for a sweater. The i-cord edging gives a nice finish and is quick to knit. That is, the edging is quick. The skirt as a whole is not that quick.

After a few outfit changes I decided I like the look of it over skinny denim jeans.

My normal knitwear model is way to busy to pose for photos so I had to get creative with a mirror to get these shots. I guess they get the idea across. I much prefer to be behind the camera, but sometimes it can’t be helped!

Next up – the yoga socks are done! Just in time for barefoot yoga season!


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