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Tea for Tuesday – Blue Eyes

February 4, 2014
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Laura’s Blog Entry

I am kind of tea crazy. I have bunches and bunches because I always want something different. I need options, people. To qualify that a little, I have bunches and bunches of herbal teas. Only caffeine-free options for me.

One of my favorites is called Blue Eyes. It is a delicious, fruity and aromatic blend. It has flavors of hibiscus petals, rosehip chips, dried apple pieces, and dried sweet orange peel. There is a hint of a caramel flavor that is quite tasty. It takes a little longer to brew, but after 10 minutes you get the most lovely bright pink tea! I discovered this flavor at a local tea shop, but when they stopped carrying it I turned to the the internet for my supply. I found it on Amazon from English Tea Store (link below) for a really good price. It’s 16 oz. – so be aware. That’s a lot of tea. Mari and I both love it, so we’ll drink it all.

Blue Eyes Herbal Tea – Loose Leaf – 16oz  <<AFFILIATE LINK*

It is also very tasty iced in the summer time!

This is loose tea, so here’s how I brew it. I got a teapot insert a number of years ago from Starbucks. It’s a fine mesh and I prefer it to the traditional tea ball that allows quite a bit of sediment to escape into the pot. This insert can go in a teapot or in a mug for a single serving. For this blend I use ½ Tablespoon tea for a small teapot.

What’s your favorite tea blend?

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