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Drawer-a-Day, Office Supplies

January 31, 2014

Laura’s Blog Entry

By drawer-a-day I mean I cleaned out a drawer. On a day. Ha! My past post in this series was in 2010. I’d like to think all the drawers were organized last December when we moved in. I’ll just keep believin’.

Anyway, I am still working out my organizational systems in the new house. (Is it still a “new” house after a year? Yes. I think so. Thanks for your input.)

We gave up a home office in the move, but we still have plenty of space to accommodate the office stuff. The wireless printer is in the family room with the stereo equipment. My main file cabinet is in the basement. Since I process all the bills and do all the paperwork in the dining room, I needed some supplies nearby. I have tucked some files in the living room cabinetry, but all the little supplies are in the dining room, in a lovely hutch, in a drawer below the china.


As usual I jumped in without a “before” picture. Here it is after I took out half the stuff. Lots of space, but with everything loose it gets so messy. I used a great idea I found on Pinterest and cut up tissue boxes and sparkling water cartons.

I marked them at two inches around and just cut with scissors. I don’t know if I will ever take the time to make them all pretty with contact paper, but it would be a nice touch.

Here’s the result:


Wonderful! I did have to move my label maker to a top drawer. Just a little shuffling and everything fits.

This was Step One of a massive clean up after finishing a quilt. The whole dining room was rather trashed. I’m just going to focus on the clean up of this hutch area in this post, but man, the whole place was a wreck.

A number of trips down to the basement and the area was clear. Or at least clearer.

I still need to make key chains and another quilt. So this tidiness is temporary. But I will enjoy it for a day or two, anyway.

I might have also rearranged the art on the top. Like you do.

After these victories there was more boring dusting,  vacuuming and wood floor steam cleaning. The living room and dining room are somewhat orderly. Except for the large table of sewing materials. Nothing like a full day of cleaning to restore the soul!

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