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Weekly Doings

January 17, 2014

Laura’s Blog Entry

Last week ended with a much needed getaway with my book club. We take a little winter retreat to a cozy cottage near Lake Erie. It’s quiet in the summer, but it is super quiet in winter! I sleep so well there. Especially when there is a blanket of snow to additionally absorb any outdoor sounds. Bliss!

We ate yummy homemade food, watched movies, read and knit. And maybe drank a little red wine. Maybe. I took one cold walk down to see the lake it all its frozen glory. Yep. Still cold!

It’s a lot of work to get the family ready for a weekend without me, pack all my gear (bedding and linens included) cook my contributions to the pot luck (Pasta Fagioli – without the pasta and Grain-free Peanut Butter Cookies), but it is totally worth it!  Those couple of days flew by!

I came back home and hit the ground running. I have a quilt commission that came in via my Etsy store. It’s for a custom recycled denim quilt using a different piecing pattern than I usually do.

It is turning out great! I am so happy with the layout and the color distribution.

This week I focused on finding a backing fabric my customer liked. We are coordinating with some Kandinsky artwork. A few fabric store photos and boom! Sewn Studio had the winner! A vivid violet for the backing and black binding. Time to assemble the layers and get it quilted.

Zipping along and looking forward to some weekend downtime at home! How was your week?

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