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December 21, 2013

Laura’s Blog Entry

Kickin’ It Old Skool Blog-a-Thon : Day Twenty-One
All this month I am blogging from some prompts from Jamie and Shannon Ridler for the Kickin’ It Old School Blog-a-Thon.

Today’s Prompt: Share with us a quote you love.

“I’m drawn to your vulnerability but repelled by mine.”
~Brene Brown, Daring Greatly

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  1. December 21, 2013 1:47 pm

    Ooh Brene is always so thought provoking isn’t she?

  2. December 21, 2013 2:13 pm

    The truth of this quote is astounding.

  3. December 21, 2013 3:00 pm

    I had never heard of her, but I watched her TED-video about the power of vulnerability yesterday and now I see this quote. The universe is trying to tell me something, I guess. 😉

  4. December 21, 2013 3:23 pm

    I’ve listened to Brene’s TED talks and interviews, she has certainly challenged me to grow. It’s an eye opening quote.

  5. December 22, 2013 1:39 am

    Yes! It’s such a great reminder that we often hold ourselves to intensely higher standards than others.

  6. December 22, 2013 7:15 am

    Oh yes. I love this. If only we could see ourselves as others see us. We would all be better for it.

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