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Mason Jar With Cozy And Drink Lid

November 22, 2013

Laura’s Blog Entry

Here they are! After much deliberation over a special yarn acquisition, I decided that it wanted to become thick and rustic Mason jar cozies. And if you are going to drink out of a jar, don’t you want a drink lid so you can take it with you and look like a hipster? Heck I use my lid on a jar all the time. The combination of the lid and the insulating wool cozy really seals in the heat and keeps my tea quite hot.

Here are all the details from the Etsy listing:

Mason Jar & Cozy with Drink Lid

Take your tea, coffee or smoothie on-the-go in style! Perfect for hot or cold drinks, this cup is handsome enough you’ll want to use it both at home and at your desk at work.

This listing includes one genuine wide-mouth 16 oz. Mason brand jar that slips into a hand-knit wool cozy. Also included is a reusable Cuppow brand BPA/BPS-free recycled plastic drink lid. One metal jar ring to secure the lid completes the set.

The yarn for the cozy has been hand-dyed with natural dye like indigo, osage orange, cochineal, madder, sage, and hand-spun in the southwestern United States. It is a rustic, textured yarn that make the jar easy to grip and has a great insulation factor.

Jar is dishwasher safe.

Plastic lid is dishwasher safe as well, although must be secured so that it doesn’t fall to the bottom and get melted by the heating element.

Metal ring is best hand washed and dried to avoid rust.

Wool cozy is hand-wash and air dry only. Soak in cool water and mild detergent. Avoid agitation. Rinse and gently squeeze out excess water. Roll up in a dry towel to speed drying. For best results, place cozy on inverted jar to air dry. This helps keep the shape.

Listings for individual colors are available at WORKSMITH for $24 each plus shipping.

Hope you like them!

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