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Simple Photo Shoot Set Up for Etsy Listings

November 19, 2013

Laura’s Blog Entry

Finalizing everything for my new listings. Taking photos and getting tags together – then they will be ready to go! Thought I would share a quick post about how I do my listing photos. This works for me when I photograph anything small and colorful.

The most important thing is natural light.
It was the first time I’ve done Etsy shots since we moved. Luckily it doesn’t take much space. I found a  corner near a window that worked pretty well. Avoid direct sunlight on your subject. It will make a glare and is difficult to work with.

Simplify the background.
I did a very simple set up with a folding tray table, a piece of poster board and the back of one of Mari’s presentation boards. The shots are close ups, so a small surface area is sufficient.

Test the settings.
I did a few test shots and took a look at them on the computer to make sure the exposure was OK. It’s hard to read the levels on the small camera display with all that white reflecting the light.

Pay attention to the details.
Once I liked the exposure I set up each item and got a shot. Check for lint! Make sure nothing is crooked! I tried to align each shot from the same distance and angle so my shop will look cohesive when they are all posted next to each other.

Use simple editing tools.
Generally I tweak most photos with the few settings available in iPhoto. I play with the exposure, bump the definition and sharpness the teeniest bit, and play with the saturation as well as the color temperature and tint to get the most realistic image of the true color. I plan to learn Photoshop at some point, but I’ve gotten by with just iPhoto so far.

Final tip.
Leave the background set up until you edit all your shots. If you have to reshoot anything, you won’t have to set up again. I am big on cleaning up quick, but it usually bites me if I do!

I still have lots I can improve regarding my photos, but I feel like this provides me with attractive shots that well represent my products. When I first started I was using a point and shoot Fuji Finepix camera and was able to get good shots. Now I have upgraded to a Canon Rebel T2i. I have barely scratched the surface of what it can do. Always more to learn!

Hope this was helpful! Happy snapping!

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