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September 16, 2013

Laura’s Blog Entry

One of the ways I was able to cope with the upheaval of prepping our old house for sale, keeping it together for showings, and purging and packing 18 years of belongings was with lots of knitting time.

I didn’t have time to blog anything back then, so now I get to show it all off! The next thing I wanted to share is a hooded cardigan. A friend and I both knit this at the same time. It was her first sweater, so we chose this one because it has a relaxed shape and didn’t have a button band to deal with.

The pattern is the Slouchy Cardigan by Helene Roux, from the book Greeting from Knit Cafe. (Ravelry link here.)

We both used Berroco Vintage DK yarn and I used color  2177, a soft, heathery olive green. The fiber content is 50% acrylic, 40% wool and 10% nylon.

Importantly, if you decide to make this pattern, there is quite a bit of errata, which can be found at the Ravelry link for the pattern page above. In addition, I found necessary modifications for the sleeve cap. See my Ravelry notes for links to the specifics.

I shortened the arms, but I always have to do that. If I were doing it over, I would increase the circumference of the arms at the top. They are quite snug. Another inch would be great.

One other modification that I decided to do was in the attachment of the hood. I chose to seam it with the finished side on the inside of the sweater because the seam shows around the shoulders. The rough seam will always be hidden under the hood, so I thought it was a nicer finish.

I am relatively happy with the finished project. The fronts are meant to hang open, so although it looks fine, I do find myself pulling it closed quite a bit. If you are looking for this silhouette, you might want to search for another pattern with less corrections and changes needed.

I do love the yarn. I am now working on a cabled sweater in a cocoa-color worsted version of Vintage. It is very affordable in a sweater quantity and isn’t too itchy for my wool sensitivity. I have hit the 50% completion point on my current sweater, so whoo hoo! I might even get to wear it this winter!

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