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TARDIS Project – Part 7

August 28, 2013

Neil’s Blog Entry

NOTE: This post is continued from Part 6, where you can find detailed information on the first half of the construction of the TARDIS.

Now where were we? Oh yes! TARDIS! Lighting!

The top light was purchased at Home Depot. It was a solar powered lantern that had a similar shape as the actual TARDIS light. It was in fact a lot closer to the actual shape than I thought I’d be able to find! Early on in the process I decided I wanted to use solar powered lights so I wouldn’t have to get into wiring, hiring electricians, etc., so this was a bonus! It was originally in a black finish. We painted it with the same paint as the rest of the TARDIS before installing.

The lights for inside the sign boxes were purchased from IKEA. They are strings of solar powered white bulbs that i just shoved into the boxes (once I cut some access holes from the inside. I forgot about that step until after I put up the sign boxes!). Below you can see how I fed the wiring out the back to reach the solar cells that are on the roof.

Next was the tedious task of making frames for the windows.

The frames were made from 1×1’s. Again, using my circular saw as a router, I made opposing channels in each of the pieces so they fit together nicely and made a grid-like frame for the windows. They were measured and cut to be very tight and had to be hammered into place and then nailed. The windows themselves were pieces of plexiglass cut a bit larger than the window holes cut out of the plywood. I sprayed them with frosted glass spray paint and screwed them to the walls from the inside of the TARDIS.

The last few steps were putting on a door handle and a lock. What’s a TARDIS without a TARDIS key, right?

I attached the Police Box instructions sign on the front (also printed at FedEx Kinkos).

Finally, we painted the Tardis its obligatory blue. After much deliberation we chose Valspar brand paint from Lowes in color: Indigo Cloth #4009-7.

One last thing of note was, because I used half inch plywood on the walls and door, I’ve noticed a little bit of warping and the door doesn’t close completely at the top. I’m planning to screw on a 2×4 on the inside of the door to support it and hopefully straighten it out.

Please note, with this entire project, there are my “plans”… and then there are the ways I actually got things to work. So if you’re going to build a TARDIS yourself, don’t get too attached to your plans. Go with the flow. Measure twice, cut once; and then cut a new piece entirely.

Get help from your friends (Thanks Jay and Tony!)

And most of all have fun.

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