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Retro Kitchen

August 7, 2013

Laura’s Blog Entry

Our new home was built in 1948. Squee! I love the 1940’s. Mostly for the plethora of film noir that was made during that decade. Since the house was built in the late 40’s, it has some forward-looking features, namely a number of mid-century modern elements. It’s a ranch-style floor plan, which was high on our priority list. I’m pretty sure I have doubled my life span since I no longer have to drag my clothing up and down two flights to stairs to be washed in the basement and then put away on the second floor.

Me + carrying two fully loaded laundry baskets at the same time = ticking time bomb.

While our new kitchen is small, it is open to the family room, which is a huge improvement for us. We have a nice circular traffic flow that seems to work well for entertaining… and for chasing the cat in circles for his afternoon exercise. Possibly.

When we looked at the house, Mari, our hard-to-please house-hunter who didn’t want to move, liked it OK, but had one huge objection. The peach kitchen.


Or should I say flesh-colored kitchen. Why? Just why? What a horrible shade. We agreed to paint that room immediately. She didn’t have to convince us!

Since I have spent the last year on Pinterest pinning a crazy amount of things in shades of turquoise, teal and/or aqua, the paint color choice was easy. It would go with the gray and white floor, and make the vintage cabinets pop. We did adjust the shade after the first coat – ending up one shade lighter.

Here’s an in-process photo showing the first, darker turquoise.


It was a little too clown car for my taste. So we went one shade lighter and bingo! That was it! Here’s the finished product.


We brought the kitchen island with us and thank goodness we did. That is my main work surface when I cook. The mixer has since been relocated and I try to keep the cart top clear. It’s working pretty well.

Now for some detail shots. Storage is a bit lacking (partially due to my acquisitions from my previous career in the kitchenware industry) so an IKEA pot rack was a necessity. I also got a hanging shelf for my salt and pepper and a hanging container for my olive oil. These are my daily staples and having them up off the limited counter top area was important.

Speaking of countertops, on one half of the kitchen there are cool tile countertops. They are a little worse for wear, but we are enjoying the charm of them for the time being. (I wish the counter was this clear in real life. This photo was totally staged!)

The glass block niches are on either side of the sink. Cool, huh? Due to a later renovation and the blessed installation of a dishwasher, we have another sink on the other side of the kitchen. This really diminishes the counter space, but what can you do? Renovate! Alas, not any time soon. Nice try, though.

We got a hanging dish drainer from the same IKEA line for above the second sink. It folds up, but has been in constant use since being installed and has never been folded.

Did you get a load of the fancy decorative tile? Windmill!

But wait. There’s more. Sailboat!

There’s more decorative tile  in the bathroom, but that will be for another day. OK, one final look:

The glass door cabinet was repurposed from our old bathroom. Linens and baking accessories live here. And it raises the toaster to a high enough level to reach the second of two outlets in the entire kitchen. Oh 1940’s. You’re so charming!

My kitchen equipment did not all fit in here, but I knew that going in. Luckily there was space in a closet under the stairs in the basement that we have converted to a pantry. I’ll do a separate feature on that to show where I keep all the serving pieces and lesser used equipment.

We’re really happy with how it turned out! We can barely even remember that flesh kitchen! Thanks goodness!

Paint color #1: Porter Paint 155-4 Cool Lagoon

Paint color #2 (Final color): Porter Paint 155-3 Handsome Hue

Stove Wall Storage
Pot Rack: Grundtal Wall Shelf – 47 ¼”

Lid Rail: Grundtal Rail – 31 ½”

Olive Oil: Grundtal Container – 5” x 5”

Salt and Pepper Shelf: Grundtal Shelf – 9 ¾” x 5”

Grundtal “S” Hooks

Glass Door Cabinet: Crate and Barrel  (This is an old model, don’t see anything like it on the site anymore. IKEA has something similar here.)

Sink Wall Storage
Grundtal Rail – 23 ¼”

Grundtal Dish Drainer – 13 ¾” x 10 ¼”

Most of the Grundtal items can be found at this link.

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  1. August 7, 2013 8:40 am

    Laura, I just LOVE it!!!!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE!!!!

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