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World’s Longest Yard Sale 2013

August 4, 2013

Laura’s Blog Entry

I had a dream. I dream to hunt for treasures and bargains along Highway 127. And this weekend that dream came true!

The sale runs 690 miles from Addison, MI to Gadsden, AL. We chose to sample a nearby section, south of Covington, KY. Having very little information on it, other than an HGTV special, off we went. How fun!

We found that in the more commercial areas there were large swap-meet-style areas set up with tents in the parking lots of schools and churches. That seemed the best bet for these newbies. Park once, shop for a while. Good plan! It worked well for us. In more rural areas there were also group sales set up at local businesses.

I love the thrill of the hunt! There is a ton of junk to scan through, but also some gems. Some stops have lots of good stuff, others have nothing. See… thrilling!

Here’s my haul.

If you are wondering, I did go with a list of items I was looking for. I’d much rather buy something fun and vintage for decorating and storing stuff at the house. But that doesn’t mean I don’t buy “off list.” That would just be silly!

One of the best items of the day were these Caroline Williams collectable plates with scenes of Cincinnati. I already own one from the collection that I got at a local antique store. I went nuts when I saw these two. (Black and white plates were on the list! It was a bonus that I found the same ones!) These are Wedgwood-made china offered exclusively in the 1970’s at Newstedt-Loring Andrews, an old-school local jewelry store. The vendor was so pleased that someone appreciated the plates she gave me a good price, the original boxes, as well as a matching drinking glass with the Tyler Davidson Fountain, the centerpiece of downtown Cincinnati, on it.

So much history. Can you stand it? The other glass is for my makeup brushes. Worth all ten cents I paid for it! (On the list!)

I almost didn’t even ask the price on this tool caddy. Glad I did! Five bucks! Obviously the vendor had never heard of Pinterest! Or Etsy for that matter. He told me he made it himself in the 1940’s. Love it! (Off the list!)

This little framed piece from the ‘40’s also stole my heart. It’s going in the kitchen ASAP! (Kind of on the list!)

Neil and Mari also got in on the action. Neil, who is officially retired from the collectables scene, couldn’t resist one item. GI Joe. Apparently his original one is buried somewhere in his parent’s backyard. Poor Joe. Died in action and was buried on the battlefield. Meet Joe the Second!

Mari also had a list. And she nailed it.

Owl figurine, vintage hair comb, and Happy Meal My Little Pony. Bingo!

I also got a pair of XL black denim jean for my quilt-making. Not as exciting, but a good score.

So that’s it. A great day! It only got too hot the last hour or two. Nothing a nice nap didn’t take care of, though.

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