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Back from the Lake

July 24, 2012

Laura’s Blog Entry

We took off last week and went on a rare out-of-town trip. We are homebodies. We don’t love the travel. But we do love Lake Erie.

We also love our dear friends who generously share their vacation home with us. That sounded like we love them BECAUSE they share their home. We loved them before that. In spite of that… oh you know what I mean!

We left our car outside the gates. We rode bikes everywhere. We gathered driftwood for a new artistic endeavor. We personally stimulated the economy with our ice cream consumption. We read. We knit. (Well some of us knit.) It was glorious.

My new desktop wallpaper. Sigh.

It is so nice to stop the busyness and quiet down. Clear my head. I came home needing to deal with some issues I’d shoved under the rug. Ah well. As it should be. Priorities reset. Moving forward with clarified direction.

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