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Custom Bag for Gift Card

June 26, 2012

Laura’s Blog Entry

Taking a break from the fiber arts for a little blast from the past – rubber stamping! Mari was going to a birthday party the other day and we bought a gift card for a present. The store stopped using the little shopping-bag-style bags, which was a bummer. Those made the gift look nice enough that it didn’t need wrapping (at least in my low maintenance opinion).

So I decided to figure something else out with what I have on hand. I couldn’t face running in one more store to just buy a gift bag!

While I was digging through a drawer for my stash of brown paper lunch bags I ran across a foam stamp alphabet I used for a scrapbook a long time ago. Bingo! I could stamp the recipient’s name on the bag, add a ribbon, and voila… gift bag.

I went pretty jazzy (for me, anyway) with multi-colored letters. Fun! I really enjoyed pulling out the old supplies. They’ve been stuck in the basement for a year, since we staged our house for sale. Just recently that stuff got moved up to my new studio space upstairs. I can really see doing some card making and simple scrapbooking now that I have a dedicated area.

More crafty goodness ahead – one finished quilt, a start of a new quilt, hand spinning and a new item in the Etsy shop. And you thought summer was the time for rest and relaxation!

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