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Owl Necklace Display

May 14, 2012

Laura’s Blog Entry

Whenever our stuff starts to outgrow the system meant to contain it, we have a problem. Most times we sort and purge items. This house only holds so much. This time Mari wasn’t going to part with any of her owl necklaces, so I had to get creative.

I had seen something similar done on Pinterest. I put a cutlery tray on my thrifting list, and kept an eye out as I made the rounds to my favorite thrift stores. I love me some thrifting. But my rule is I have to buy something I actually need. Mostly I am looking for vintage sheets to use for future quilting projects. Anyway, I found this tray for $6, hit it with some spray paint that we had on hand. Picked up some tiny white cup hooks and put three in each cubicle. Added picture hooks on the back (also had on hand) and it was done!

The bonus of using this display is that it is so easy to put the necklaces away. Keeps the dresser top clear. Sort of. At least clear of necklaces, anyway!

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