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January 30, 2012
Laura’s Blog Entry

The knitting is on fire, people. It’s totally a craft that shines in fall and winter. I’m hoping for a least a couple more days when I can watch the snowflakes fall, drink tea and knit. Not so much with the flakes so far this winter. Just a light dusting would be plenty, thanks.

These lovely fingerless gloves are the Glovlies pattern by Erin Ruth. I ended up turning them inside out because I liked the look of the knit two, purl one on the outside instead of vice versa. In this yarn it just looked nicer. Speaking of the yarn, this is a locally sourced 100 percent alpaca from Eagle Bend Alpacas. It is a blend of two colors, Silver Celebration and Black Elegance (the names of the two alpacas the fiber came from). It has been pointed out to me that it should be called “Black Celebration.” Indeed. Depeche Mode yarn. Delightful.

Speaking of alpacas… Mari and I want one for the back yard.

How about this one? Sigh.

Anyway, back to the knitting.

I ended up not have quite enough yarn so I finished them off on the top and around the thumb with a solid black yarn. Gives them a sort of sporty stripe.
You might think this is all I’ve been up to lately. Not hardly. Stay tuned for the Goth Socks as well as a Slytherin Scarf. Coming soon to a blog near you!
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