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Norwegian Star Earflap Hat

January 28, 2012

Laura’s Blog Entry

Even though we are having the mildest winter on record, (Note that I have not actually checked the record or anything. But it is the mildest I remember.) I felt it necessary to make an earflap hat for myself. I’m tired of pulling down my other hat to try and keep my ears warm.

It’s already been quite nice on a couple of frosting mornings when I drive Mari to school.

I used this pattern by Tienne. It’s a free Ravelry download.

The yarn is really nice: Classic Elite Yarns Liberty Wool in colors 7878 Mouse and 7875 Ash Gray. Soft enough that it doesn’t even feel scratchy on my sensitive skin. Hard to believe it is 100 percent wool. I’ll definitely use this yarn again!

It took some experimenting to get the size right. I got the suggested gauge on size 7 needles, knit flat. But in the round it made the actually hat huge. I went down to size 5 and it was still too big. I ended up using size 5 needles and making the child size. My head is rather small. I think it would have been perfect on size 6, but it blocked out OK, so I am good with it. The colorwork is just a tiny bit stretched. No one will ever notice that but me. And perhaps knitting snobs. Of whom I know none, so all is well!

Many thanks to my lovely model that I dragged outside for a photo shoot today!
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