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Album Review: Daniel Jorgensen – A Search for Somewhere Else

January 4, 2012
Laura’s Blog Entry

How about we start 2012 with some lovely, acoustic piano music? Mari purchased Daniel Jorgensen’s solo album and recommended I give it a listen. Daniel is a guitarist and keyboard player who is one of the lucky souls in the Owl City live band. I say they are lucky because those folks have so much fun onstage. Makes the show even more fun for the audience.

The album is a sweet and simple instrumental piano piece. It is experienced more as a unit than individual tracks, at least for me. One song flows perfectly into the next and brings a peaceful and calming state of mind.

I almost feel like if everyone listened to this they couldn’t help being more kind to one another. But then I always have been a sentimental believer in the power of music. Here’s to a peaceful and kind year ahead for everyone.

Daniel is selling the album online as a limited edition (100 hard copies only) and includes a handwritten note with your order. Charming.

It is also available on iTunes.

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