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Cherry Vanilla Socks

January 1, 2012
Laura’s Blog Entry

OK, so it’s 2012 already. Right. Not sure how that happened, but guess that’s where we are.

I feel as if I have been in a time warp for at least a month. I had a bit of a flurry keeping my Etsy store and a local coffee shop stocked with my handmade items for the holidays. It felt really good to focus on that business, but it has been wonderful to set it aside for the holidays. I’ll be introducing some new items to the shop soon, but first there is some personal knitting to show off.

These socks were started almost a year ago when I went on my first annual book club retreat. Cause we do lots of knitting and movie watching on the retreat. It can’t be all about books. That would be boring.

I had fallen in love with the “Snicket”pattern. I really like the design, but the intricate tiny cable pattern was just too complicated. I could not get it right for some reason.So I abandoned it. Perhaps after I get a few more projects under my belt I’ll be able to manage it. In the meantime I decided to use the yarn to work out the perfect plain, basic sock pattern, know in knitting circles as a “Vanilla Sock”. I wanted to work out the math for a toe-up knee sock that fit me exactly. Because… well… doesn’t everyone want that?The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll sock yarn in Gypsy Tonal. Since it is a delightful cherry red, I am calling them “Cherry Vanilla Socks.”

I started with the Gusset Heel Basic Socks by Wendy D. Johnson. This is a wonderful pattern that has lovely shaping.

Then I adjusted it to fit more snuggly. Then I added some increases in the calf area to give a custom fit up to the knee.

My lovely model (Mari) had the seams a bit crooked at the back, but I was so thrilled at how well the camera captured the red color that I didn’t notice in time. Oh well. Isn’t the red divine?

I think the only tweak I will be making next is to do a rounded toe instead of angled. Sure. I’ll totally leave the pattern alone after that. No problem…

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