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Stray Theories – Hopeful and A Different Kind of Silence

November 1, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

I recently got some new music from Stray Theories and I just had to share it with you. Micah Wolfe, the Australian one-man wonder behind the band, kindly sent me his latest project, Hopeful as well as a recent EP he produced called A Different Kind of Silence. I’ve included iTunes links below. I often listen to Stray Theories when I am journaling or meditation so I thought that instead of a more traditional review that I would just do a sort of free association while listening to it. Here are my thoughts and ramblings.


For some reasons this song gives me the feeling of being in the world of a David Lynch movie, if it weren’t all scary and bizarre. All the nostalgia and atmosphere without the oddity. It really does sound hopeful.

Full of optimism. Has a nice Ullrich Schnauss vibe to it. A driving through the mountains on a winding road on a sunny day kind of feeling.

I hear a teeny hint of an early-era Depeche Mode synth lines in this one. But the upbeat cheerfulness keeps it from getting too Mode-y.

Reminds me of a Sunday mornings when I am often the first one up. I patter around downstairs and try not to wake the sleeping family. A pot a tea and a book. If I’m lucky I remember to take the time watch the sunrise.

A Different Kind of Silence

“Every Kind of You”
Mellow guitar sounds. Makes me think of what Ric Hordinski might sound like if his music were more electronic. Pretty female vocal over the top. This is going on a yoga mix for sure!

“Exit Games”
Tones in the background remind me of wind chimes. Deep mellow ones. Maybe that’s why I feel tension start to slip away while I listen.

“Like the Way”
The beginning of this one gave me the feeling I get during a long introduction to a Cure song. Something in the guitar sound says Robert Smith to me. Far away and reflective.

“Look Through the Stars”
Movie opening credit music. With raindrops on the windshield. This track is my favorite.

I do hope you will check these albums out. I’m sure the music will provide you with your own unique associations.

On a final note, Stray Theories is the perfect music for when we entertain. I think it is very welcoming and calming. Just the vibe we want to give our guests.

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