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Mitten Surgery

October 7, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

No one likes to admit a knitting mistake. There might even be people out there who just throw a not-perfect project in the back of a closet and pretend it doesn’t exist. I’ve heard rumors. You know who you are.

But because I am as much a product knitter as I am a process knitter, I cannot bear to waste all that work. And yarn.

So I had to do a little surgery on the Fisherman Mittens that I knit last year. I didn’t make them long enough before decreasing for the fingers.

I ripped out the tops and added two more full repeats of the chart. This made the hand long enough so the thumb split off at the proper spot. then I did the two decrease pattern repeats. Perfect! And I don’t even have to rework the thumb.



Less pointy with a wider top.

Feels good to have that put to rights. Nothing I make is absolutely perfect. Some mistakes aren’t really visible and some just aren’t important. This one needed fixing.

Makes me wonder what YOUR standards are for “good enough” my blog reader. Not just in knitting, but in your work, and life in general. It’s great to strive for excellence, but that can result in either never finishing anything, or at the opposite end of the spectrum, continuously reworking something to death. How do you balance those two, Internet?  Thoughts? Insight? Let’s discuss!

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