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October Day

October 4, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

Mari and I had a lovely homeschool day yesterday. I took some photos along the way and thought I would share a little bit of what our Mondays are like. She was light on school work because she is in between big projects, so we had a little extra time on our hands.

We try to start out the day with a short hike at a local park. I was sporting my new “Team Morris” hat from the Ides of March premiere we attended on Saturday. The George Clooney movie was filmed here in Cincinnati and this was the first local showing. Quite a few movies have been made here – Little Man Tate, Rainman – I could go on, but I’m supposed to be talking about hiking. So yeah. We hiked. The end.

On to more fun things. We decided to take a trip to Coffee Emporium, a local coffee shop. It was so nice and quiet – we did some reading.

And tea drinking. And buying of Italian Roast. MMMmmmmm.

After lunch we continued with our project of making homemade cleaning products. It’s math and science both at the same time! And Home Economics because I went to school in the 70’s. Today’s blend involved orange peel that had been soaking in vinegar for two weeks, combined with water and tea tree oil. It’s a disinfectant. I spray down the counters and sinks each day to keep things germ-free. (Recipe here at We also made a grease cutter that is pretty darn good. I give the floor a few squirts when I am using my steam cleaner for a little extra oomph. I also used it on the outside of the grill yesterday. The tree dropped annoying red berries all over it. Yuck. (Recipe here at

Never fear, I got in some knitting time. I’m working on a Ravenclaw scarf for Mari.  Then it was time to make dinner.

I made Chicken Paillards ala Mad Hungry on the Hallmark Network. Pretty tasty, even though I didn’t let them marinate the whole two hours.

A nice day at a nice pace. Finding your family’s rhythm can be tough because the world is in a perpetual frenzy. We are working hard to take time to sit back and watch it whirl past. Because we have tea to drink and books to read, don’t ya know.

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