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Shiny and the Spoon: Ferris Wheel

September 20, 2011

Neil’s Music Review

Okay, so I don’t know what to call this type of music. Let alone what to call it so as not to offend the artists. Is it folk? Americana? Old-timey?

But regardless of what it’s called, the music of Shiny and the Spoon’s latest release, Ferris Wheel calls to mind more than just a time period – or time periods for that matter. It brings to mind a mood of nostalgia, innocence and just a little bit of melancholy.

The songs are very true to their own musical styles – never wandering too far from their stated (or assumed) musical paths. You don’t get, for example, an old-timey song that drifts into a 70’s swamp rock song. Each song stands very well on it’s own, and as such, the album is like a collection of little stories – little vignettes of mood and atmosphere. Each one is completely different from the next and yet there’s a cohesion here that really works well (especially when listening to it as a whole).

The first track, “Snowflake,” sets the tone for the album with a great melody that is both sad and uplifting at once. Other standout tracks for me are “Black Nag,” “Bread and Butter” and “13 Crates,” the latter of which could be a long-forgotten Creedence Clearwater Revival track from the late sixties. Very cool indeed.

YouTubers will be happy that the now famous Shiny and the Spoon cover of A-Ha’s “Take On Me” is included on this album with a shiny new arrangement. Some may prefer the minimalism of the ukelele on the YouTube version, but you can’t help but love the 50’s vibe of the new version… plus it’s got a children’s choir. So take that ukelele-YouTube-minialistic-version!

Shiny and the Spoon are Jordan Neff – vocals, harmonica, electric and acoustic guitars and Amber Nash – vocals, ukulele, acoustic guitar. Physical copies of he album are available at, as well as in digital form at

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  1. September 23, 2011 11:24 am

    I downloaded this last night and am really enjoying it.

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