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Total Randomness

September 14, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

Ran across this photo today and got a little choked up. That’s my baby at a Disney Character Breakfast in 2002. She’s cute and all, but here’s what got me misty:

First day of eighth grade last week. Yeah. What a cool chick. Note the iPod. Essential equipment when you go to a totally cool alternative school that has AN ENTIRE HOUR FOR LUNCH. That’s right. You heard me. Kids having time to eat a full meal and rest their brains for a bit.

(I know, I already posted this photo. The contrast just got to me.)

We’ve made some radical changes to her education. Like home schooling one day a week. I will probably sprinkle in some information about that here and there, but I don’t plan to become a home school mommy blogger. (Not that there’s anything wrong with that.) Stay tuned. She’ll be off to college in a flash!

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