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Ribbed Shawl

September 12, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

Although there was blog silence around here most of the summer I did keep right on crafting. One finished object that I can’t wait to wear is a Ribbed Shawl. I mentioned  before that I bought this yarn (or more accurately was gifted this yarn via a Christmas gift card from the Connecticut Smiths) specifically to knit the Clapotis, which is a Parisienne inspired oversized scarf. I researched on Ravelry how it looked in this yarn and was all set to go.

But no go.

That pattern gave me fits. I guess it’s really not that difficult, and I am doing a much more difficult pattern for another shawl right now, but for whatever reason I could not keep from making mistake after mistake.

So I bagged the pattern and went with a classic prayer shawl, which is a 3×3 rib. I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I ended up alternating between two balls of yarn to control the pooling – and I still got pooling. Oh well. Not too much.

Speaking of the yarn, it is KnitPicks Imaginations Hand Painted Sock in the “Wicked Witch” colorway. I’m glad I over-estimated and have a skein left so I can make a pair of socks as well. It lovely and soft with a bit of loft to it. The fiber content is 50% merino wool, 25% alpaca and 25% nylon.

As soon as it gets cool enough I’m sure it will gets lots of use. I also thought it would be good as an airplane or car blanket. That’s me… always thinking.

Just in case you need another look, here it is from the other side. Love the little hits of lime green. I’ll feel positively crazy going out in something purple!

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