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Climbing on That Ol’ Bandwagon

September 7, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

One word. Pinterest.

I know. You either have no idea what I am talking about or you are like, “Enough with the Pinterest already.”

Well I love it. Like all new internet trends, I resisted at first. I believe the words “What in the world do I need that for?” actually passed my lips.

But I got over it. Here’s the deal. Pinterest is what I would call an inspiring and visually beautiful social bookmarking site. It’s pretty, pretty, pretty. Your bookmarks are arranged into categories that are meaningful to you. And did I mention how pretty it is?

Here’s a link to my boards, if you want to take a gander.

I post recipes, knitting patterns, sewing patterns, quilts, home and garden ideas and various other things that inspire me or that I want to save and refer back to later.

What really got me going on this site was that I was doing research for some fiction I am writing. Suddenly I had the brainwave that I should collect all the great photo references I was finding in one place. The fact that this site is visual and not text based has been so… I’m gonna say it again… inspiring.

I’ve found it to be more enjoyable to browse than my Google Reader each morning. I just click on this link to see what others have posted. Then I can grab any of the pins I like and put them on my boards.

Each week I’ve tried numerous new recipes and it has been really fun. The search function is fantastic if you are looking for something specific, like gluten-free bread, for example.

So if you could use more “pretty” and “inspiring” in your day,  jump on the bandwagon with me and sign up!

Here’s a video that shows how it works. The interface has been updated since this was made, but it gives you the general idea.

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