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Cupcake the First

May 12, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

Nothing gets me fired up like a project. Since there have been lots of not-so-fun projects lately – like taking two SUV loads to Goodwill, or weeding the cracks in the sidewalk – it seemed like a good time for a food challenge. We have been eating simple, simple, simple for months. Very low tech, but still relatively healthy. This started to get a bit boring so I decided to jazz things up and come up with a signature Smiths’ cupcake. One that can be my go-to for parties and potluck get-togethers. I want to spend some quality time with my Kitchen-Aid mixer and discover my inner cupcake. Or something along those lines.

My plan is to try one new cupcake recipe each week. I saw a website that really got me inspired: Ming Makes Cupcakes.

But did I try one of the recipes there? Of course not. That would be too easy. I popped over the and did a little search. The first variety I decided to make are called Black and White Cupcakes.

I sprang for some fancy cupcake liners at Michaels and went to town. One batter and two kinds of icing (and a number of hours) later… volia!

I chose this recipe because it was a rare moment when I wasn’t in a chocolate kind of mood. These have a touch of chocolate ganache on top, but the main flavor is lemon.

The cake has a nice lemony taste and an extremely moist texture. The batter was a touch liquidy, so the tops didn’t turn out perfect. If I had only filled them 2/3 full they would have looked better once baked. These overflowed and then spread a bit. Not optimal.

The frosting was easy to make, but because you prepare two kinds you end up with tons of dirty dishes at the end of the process. High maintanence.

Applying the frosting was a tad tedious. I wanted that line down the middle to be perfect. I think I should have cut back on the lemon juice just a touch in the white frosting. it was a bit thin. Both frostings did firm up after the cupcakes were iced. They key to neat frosting technique is once again the offset spatula. Love this tool.

All in all, I call these a success. Definitely they would be for a special occasion, but I would do them again. I’m already thinking ahead to next week… a little raspberry filling, perhaps? Mmmmm.

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  1. May 12, 2011 1:44 pm

    you don’t expect there to be lemon cupcakes underneath the black and white icing!! you can’t tell these cupcakes have overflowed, when my cupcakes do that there’s no saving them 😉

    • May 12, 2011 2:47 pm

      Thanks, Lian! I did trim them up a bit to try to hide the messiness. It was torture to have to eat those trimmings… ha! The recipe said they were inspired by the black and white cookies you get at coffee houses. I haven’t ever had those, but I guess they might be lemon cookies with the half-and-half icing.

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