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A Few of My Favorite Things

May 10, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

Cheap wine.

Well make that GOOD, cheap wine. This is totally in my price point. I believe it was under six dollars. No lie. And it’s good. My favorite variety is Riesling, which is a sweet, very aromatic and flowery white wine. This one from Trader Joe’s is as good as some $20 ones I have tried.  The name of it is J.W. Morris 2009 California Gerwurztraminer. Cause Riesling originated in Germany, ya’ll.

Steampunk Boots.

Not to be confused with Gothy Boots. These are for spring to wear with my skirts. I know, most people are breaking out the sandals, and I will soon, but these are transitional. I think they are steampunk because of the detailing and the textures of the different materials. They have a decorated cap toe, like an Oxford, and the sides are a patterned suede. Most importantly they are very comfortable. Coolness. I also love that they zip up the inside so the laces can be adjusted and left in place. Found them at DSW Shoe Warehouse on the cheap. Probably because no one in their right mind was buying boots in April.

Oh look! Two of my favorite things, together!

Do I really need to say more? Yes? OK. It is a little blurry, after all. My friend Will ran into Martin Gore last night at the airport. Will was kind enough to post the photo on my Facebook so I would see it first thing this morning. Whee! I can’t help thinking it’s only one degree of separation!

I’m guessing they kicked back together on the long flight, painted each other’s nails and listened to a few episodes of The Smiths’ Occasional Podcast.

(I know. I am soooo pathetic.)

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