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April 29, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

I positively cannot wait until it is finished to post photos of this quilt. That was the plan. Get it all done and then post final pictures. But I am so hepped up about the backing fabric I found the other day that I can’t wait that long to show you.

This black and gray print spoke to me from the wall of fabrics. It has exactly the right vibe for this project. A little bit vintage, but not too fussy. The size of the squares had given the quilt top a more modern feel, so I didn’t want to to anything too sweet on the back. This has a touch of masculine about it and fits nicely with the denim. I went with a simple black for the binding. It does have a very subtle dot texture to it, but isn’t too busy.

I spent the Easter weekend piecing the top and it was such fun. I rarely can sit and work on anything for half a day straight. It was blissful. I hadn’t expected to get the whole thing completely assembled, but it went pretty fast.

First I laid everything out on the guest room floor to find the best color arrangement. I really love the mix of the two shades of black denim with all the blues. So glad Neil had that black denim phase! I found that it looked best with the grain turned 90 degrees for each square. So the grain runs up and down on one and then across on the next. It is amazing the difference that makes. It really started to look expensive, verses like I cut up a bunch of jean when I was 12 and made a quilt. Nothing wrong with that, but I am no longer 12 and wanted to go for a more upscale end product.

I ordered some batting online and I’m waiting for it to arrive. Then I can put the whole thing together. I don’t want to mess with the simple lines, so I am going to quilt it as little as possible. After this it will be back to my hexagons and the hand sewing. I want to make some serious progress on that this summer. Always something else to make, isn’t there?

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