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In Process 01

April 4, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

I’m not anywhere near finishing anything at the moment, so perhaps it will keep things on track to feature what is currently in process in my crafting world.

This is a gift I am working on. I have months and months and months to work on it, so it should be enjoyable. It is the Sagano Shawl from Laura Chau. It’s a lovely texture with a pretty bamboo edging. Green suits the pattern so well that I stuck with that color and picked up some Panda Silk sock yarn – a bamboo and silk blend. I also used it for Mari’s Fred and George Socks a while back and love working with it. It holds its twist well which is crucial on this pattern that involves a lot of “purl three together” action. It has nice give and is easy to manipulate.

I am surprised that I am flying along using a chart for the repeats. I have only used one a few times and thought it might be confusing when there are so many different stitches involved, but so far it is much faster than reading written instructions. Guess I might be a chart gal. You learn something every day!

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