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Practice, Practice, Practice

March 29, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

My crochet technique is far from perfect, but I am working out the kinks on some practice granny squares for the Sunshine Day Afghan by Alicia Paulson. I love her work (which should be pretty obvious if you’ve ever been here before). These poofy sunflowers are a challenge for my single-needle skills, but I am intent on mastering them.

This first one is pretty sad but far exceeds the other four or so I’ve tried and ripped out. I am using a heavier weight yarn than the pattern calls for since I have a good bit of Lion Brand Cotton-Ease on  hand in lots of colors. It’s very washable so it will be great for a sofa afghan, which will get tons of use.

Startitis has hit here. Could be the sunshine. Could be that I have a bit of free time. I’ve also started another throw that will be a quilting project and plan to go yarn shopping for two other new projects. Whee! It’s a craft explosion! And something new to blog about!  Stay tuned for actual content!

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