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A Bit ‘o the Vintage

January 3, 2011

Laura’s Blog Entry

Mari and I spent some one-on-one time together over her holiday break. One of the things we did together was go to a local antique mall. Like me, my kid can always find something to buy when shopping. Especially in an antique store. Perhaps since we took her antiquing since she was just a baby, she has developed a taste for it. It sure is nice to be past the you-have-to-hold-her phase as well as the “Don’t-you-dare-touch-anything!” phase.

Once of my finds was an apron. I am getting ready to sew another vintage style apron and the pleating on this one was so simple and cute that I had to bring it home. As research, don’tcha know.

Either my mother or my grandmother must have had an embroidered apron like this because it looked so familiar to me when I spotted it. The shape and fit are great, so it will make a good model for reproduction.

I am currently selecting patterns for some other projects as well. Here’s my list:

  • Sew a knitting project bag out of fabric I bought last year. I have developed a pretty good pattern, so that is ready to go.
  • Make a “needle book” for my hand sewing needles. I find it irritating to store needles in the flimsy paper packages that they are sold in. So I’m going to make a little fabric book with felt pages in it. The needles are stuck into the felt to keep them safe and orderly.
  • Construct a fairly large fabric roll to store my circular knitting needles. Right now they are in a plastic zip top bag. Sexy.

That’s all that comes to mind at the moment. There is a longer list in my iPod, but that is in my purse across the room. If you think I am getting up off the sofa right now you are sadly mistaken!

So that’s the plan. Armed with these ideas and my Christmas money, nothing can stop me! Except I’ll have to get up.

Perhaps tomorrow.

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